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Design The Curse Concert Tickets

Get Design The Curse tickets and tap into the artistic aggression of hard rock/metal. The genre began when Hard Rock crashed through the music scene in the mid-1960s with an edgy infusion that infiltrated the standard rock sound. It introduced a type of psychedelic distortion primarily driven by electric and bass guitar. The emerging genre was impossible to ignore and moving into the 1970s, bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith took Hard Rock to its pinnacle. True to music’s inevitable evolution, the sound got heavier and moodier, resulting in what has become known as metal. The hard rock/metal sound came to the forefront and appealed to a wide variety of listeners.

It represented the rebellion and artistic freedom of youth during the 70s and established itself as a channel of creative expression throughout the 1980s. Revered as one of the most enduring genres of music, it broke barriers and established itself as the signature sound of timeless bands like Black Sabbath and Metallica. It continues to influence artists and listeners alike, living on in the music of contemporary collectives like Mastodon, Korn and Disturbed. Witness the dynamic genre performed live when you buy Design The Curse tickets from TicketSmarter.

Design The Curse Ticket Prices

The price you pay will depend on the location of the venue and the arrangement of your seating. Design The Curse ticket prices to a show in a large entertainment city like Las Vegas will likely cost more than a concert in a small-town venue. Getting a spot towards the rear of the arena will typically cost less than an up-close or VIP experience.

How much are Design The Curse tickets?

The average get-in price can start in the $53 - $70 range. Design The Curse ticket prices can also run higher if you want to get a premium spot or take in a concert festival performance. General admission to the annual Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento, California will typically be offered in the $649 range with VIP options hovering around $2,296.

Design The Curse Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

Hard rock/metal shows are among the most widely performed. There will likely be numerous Design The Curse tour dates stopping at cities across the United States and abroad. Popular genre-related events like Aftershock Festival are superior platforms on which the artist can perform live. Other great opportunities may arise on the Design The Curse concert schedule like a show at the Chicago Open Air Festival in Illinois, Las Rageous in Las Vegas, Nevada or Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky. A bevy of hard rock and metal artists often play at large-scale venues and hit big cities like Los Angeles, California. The Forum in Inglewood, California and the Hollywood Bowl has been known to host dynamic shows. Musical possibilities are endless so make sure to check out a live show in a city near you.

The 2024 Design The Curse tour doesn't have any shows left on its schedule.

When do Design The Curse tickets go on sale?

Admission is typically available within days after tour date information is released. We will often have Design The Curse concert tickets available before they go on sale to the public so you can secure a great seat. A pre-sale code is not needed. Buy early and get ready to enjoy the show.

Design The Curse Seating Chart

Due to a large and loyal fan base, hard rock/metal shows are often held at venues with ample seating capacities. Use our interactive seating chart and select a spot that’s right for you. A gig at the Forum in Inglewood, California can draw a maximum crowd of 17,505 and provide rows of main floor and elevated seating. Your choices can expand even further at an event like the Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park where the festival has been known to attract 35,000 spectators.

Safe and Secure Design The Curse Ticket Purchasing

Security is a top priority when buying admission online. In just a few clicks, you can purchase Design The Curse concert tour tickets safely. There is no need to worry when purchasing admission from us. We make it simple to access live shows by your favorite artists with a secure and convenient process.

100% Design The Curse Ticket Guarantee

All hard rock/metal tickets from TicketSmarter are 100% guaranteed. Verified customers rate TicketSmarter 4.6/5.0 stars, so you can confidently order Design The Curse tour tickets knowing that we stand behind you throughout the buying experience.

Buy Design The Curse Tickets, Prices, Tour Dates & Concert Schedule | TicketSmarter (2024)
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