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Echo Warpath Void Knight Guide

Last Updated: March 13th 2024

Patch 1.0

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Welcome to the Echo Warpath Void Knight Guide. If you enjoy the 'Spin 2 Win' playstyle then look no further. This build provides high damage and excellent move speed, making it a great farming/clear build. It is new player friendly with an entry level skill requirement, while also being disability friendly with very low button usage. It's also SSF friendly with no gear required to run the build, and the best uniques for the build are almost completely target farmable through bosses. This build is also capable in Arena, skilled players can take it into the high hundreds of waves.

Clear speed and efficiency for this build is incredible, with more than 100% movement speed and Echo Knight allowing the player to quickly run to an objective while Echoes kill everything along the way, making this one of the best clearing and farm builds. Bossing is also very good thanks to Maw of the Deep and a legendary Apathy's Maw with Melee Critical Strike Chance letting us Crit Cap and take full advantage of Void Corruption. The build's biggest weakness is tankiness, with half of it's EHP cut in 0.9. However, All Resistances While Channelling, World Eater, Wings of Argentus, and Grand Patience of Herkir allow it to stay viable.

This build guide assumesyou have a Level 70 Character. Reach Level 70 with ourVoid Knight Leveling Guide.
If you are looking for a different playstyle, check all our Build Guides!


  • Immune to Stuns
  • High move speed
  • Great AoE and Single Target DPS
  • New Player, Disability, and SSF friendly


  • Not Very Tanky
  • Not a very involved playstyle
  • Unlocking Crit Requires a Legendary
  • Max efficiency requires Managing Sigils



Warpath is the centerpiece that the build revolves around. We channel it nearly 100% of the time, creating echoes that copy our damage through Echo Knight and applying Time Rot that will maximize the damage from our hits through Maw of the Deep.

Sigils Of Hope

Sigils Of Hope provides incredibly valuable buffs that can stack. We gain a lot of damage through Empowering Sigils, Decree of Flame and Sigils of Despair. Apoclypse Whirl turns Burning Sign into Time Rot chance. Last Wish is necessary to keep Sigils up while Mapping or in Arena. You won't have this skill when you first start playing the build. It's unlocked later.


Anomaly provides additional damage against tanky enemies. Borrowed Time is needed to cast it while channeling Warpath. Mark of Rot and Time Bubble provide the big damage gains.

Volatile Reversal

Volatile Reversal is used almost exclusively to regain mana after casting Sigils Of Hope. Warped Time and Catching Up also provide a nice buff at the start of a Map. You won't need this skill until you unlock Sigils Of Hope, but you can specialize this first to get it leveled up.

Shield Rush

Thanks to Dark Rush Shield Rush can be used with a 2 hander. This allows us to get out of large telegraphed attacks early on when our movement speed isn't high enough. The Emperor of Corpses' screen wide AoE is an example of where this comes in handy. Unspecced Lunge can also be used to help with mechanics like Julra's Void pools.


Passives provide powerful effects that dictate the playstyle of a Class and its Masteries. Remember that you can allocate Passives on the first half of all Masteries regardless of the one you chose.

  1. Armour Clad grants Damage Reduction and is crucial for any Sentinel's survivability.
  2. Juggernaut, Abyssal Endurance, Defiance and Holy Symbol provide tons of Resistances. Use these to shore up any deficiencies you might have. If you have your resistances covered and want to spend elsewhere, Doom Knight is a good all around option.
  3. Echoing Strikes, Time Legion and Avatar of Regret are necessary for maximum Echo uptime.
  4. World Eater has enough leech to single handedly provide us with enough sustain.
  5. Singular Purpose is a huge damage buff for only 4 points with no downside to this build.
  6. Eternal Form is a massive increase to our health and therefore our survivability.
  7. Void Corruption is an easy source of Critical Strike Multiplier for almost no investment.

Make sure to complete the Campaign to get all your Passive Points.


This may be the easiest build to play in the game, with a 2 button rotation creating nearly optimal gameplay, and a slightly more complex rotation reaching 100% optimal.

Skill Usage/Rotation


  • Rush to the objective channeling Warpath the entire way. Only stop channeling to pick up loot, and don't do so unless you're sure there are no enemies around. It is also possible to pick up loot while channeling but may take some getting used to.
  • Use Anomaly on rares and objective mini bosses to kill them quicker.
  • Tankier enemies should also be 'orbited' by circling around the fringe of their hitbox, just enough so that Warpath is connecting but not so much that they can easily hit you.


  • Before engaging the boss cap your Sigils Of Hope stacks and Volatile Reversal to get mana back
  • Orbit the boss to get as many echoes hitting it as possible
  • Use Anomaly when you have several echoes on the boss at the same time.
  • Avoid telegraphs by changing direction when necessary, or moving out and quickly moving back in as soon as possible.
  • Don't stop channeling Warpath until the boss is dead. If your Sigils Of Hope stacks fall off and you can find a safe spot where you won't get hit then you can recast them, but don't prioritize them over staying safe. Remember: you're much squishier when you aren't channeling Warpath!

Learn more about how to maximize your gameplay in the Build Scaling section of this guide.


Gearing in Last Epoch revolves around finding Items and then using the powerful Crafting System to enhance them. As long as an Item has Forging Potential left, players can upgrade or modify their Affixes up to Tier 5. However, the powerful Exalted Tier Affixes are drop only and can't be modified by players.

Using the correct Item Bases allows you to make use of their amazing Implicits, this is fundamental for gearing efficiently. Combine Implicits, Passives, Idols and Blessings to cap your Resistances and other defensive layers, while fitting as much Health related Affixes or Endurance Threshold into your gear as possible. Plan ahead for your next upgrades and consider the final Blessings of your build while gearing. Finish up by farming Uniques with Legendary Potential and Sealing Affixes into Exalted Items to unleash all of your build's power!

Here are the Stat Goals for this build:

  • Capped Resistances
  • Capped Reduced Bonus Damage From Crits
  • Capped Endurance
  • 2500 - 4000+ Health
  • 50% - 65% Armour Mitigation
  • 30+ Strength
  • 150%+ Chance to Shred Armour
  • 300%+ Critical Strike Multiplier
  • 400% - 600%+ Increased Damage
  • 70-100%+ Movement Speed (Not Including Haste)

Gear Progression



End Game

End Game No Maw Crit


Low Life

Milestone 1
Aim for good Item Bases with two valuable T5 Affixes. The defensive rolls on T5 Suffixes are very important at this stage as they can easily cap all your Resistances when combined with Item Implicits, Idols, Blessings or Passives. Get a good Hollow Blade as soon as possible.

Milestone 2
Make sure your Critical Strike Avoidance is capped. Remember that Woven Flesh is always an option early on. It can be farmed by killing the Abomination in the Fall of the Outcast Monolith Timeline. Eventually you can switch this for Reduced Bonus Damage Taken From Critical Strikes.

Milestone 3
Try to get a T5 All Resistances While Channelling on your Relic to make capping resistances easier and open up some Suffixes. Shift points into Passives for resistances or use Idols as needed.

Milestone 4
Fit as much Health into your gear as possible. Hybrid Health and Health are extremely valuable, but can be hard to find early on. Use regular flat Health until you find them. Get some Armor Shred chance to significantly boost your damage. Weapon, Gloves, Amulet and Idols can provide this. Siphon of Anguish is easily farmable from Shade of Orobyss and provides benefits to defense, sustain, movement speed and damage. If you find a Quicksilver Coil it will significantly increase your mapping speed through the haste buff.

Milestone 5
While you look for this basic set of gear, start farming your Empowered Blessings and look for any Idols that can help you cap all your Resistances momentarily or increase your Damage output. Also be on the lookout for Grand Solar Idols with Increased Warpath Area and either Chance To Shred Armor on Hit, Melee Void Damage, or Armor.

Milestone 1
Look for a pair of Darkstride Boots to really boost your movement speed. This boots are a common world drop that can be farmed from either the Spirits of Fire Timeline echo rewards or Rune of Ascendance.

Milestone 2
Farm Apathy's Maw from the Shade of Orobyss. It should be farmed on Empowered Timelines. While you're farming the Axe you can also work to make a Legendary Siphon of Anguish.

Milestone 3
Get Chance to Apply Frailty on Hit to decrease the Damage enemies deal to you. This Ailment is really important and should always be kept in mind. Keep looking for any useful Idols.

Milestone 4
When all your core Defenses are covered, start working on your Damage. Get Damage While Channelling and Strength on your Prefixes to increase your DPS drastically. Getting T5 Level of Warpath and Level of Anomaly will also boost your damage significantly. Additional Warpath points can be put int either area nodes or Void Spiral.

Milestone 5
Continue to look for Grand Solar Idols with Increased Warpath Area and either Chance To Shred Armor on Hit, Melee Void Damage, or Armor. As you finish up your Empowered Blessings keep a decent Health pool, capped Resistances, Endurance and Reduced Bonus Damage Taken From Crits. Your goal is to have Items with 4 valuable T5 Affixes, also known as T20.

Milestone 1
Upgrade your T20 setup with Exalted items, high value Sealed Affixes or ideally both. Obtain the Affixes included in the Planner, but prioritize the indicated Item Bases for their Implicits. Exalted All Resistances While Channelling is a priority that once acquired will make the rest of your gearing easier.

Milestone 2
Farm a Wings of Argentus. This drops from Empowered God Hunter Argentus in The Stolen Lance Timeline. It may take several tries to get it. Once you have this you can remove Quicksilver Coil.

Milestone 3
Look for Darkstride, Apathy's Maw, and Shattered Chains with Legendary Potential. Aim for the indicated Affixes in the Planner for each slot. Do not gear for Crit chance until you have Melee Critical Strike Chance on your weapon! If you want to go Crit sooner switch to a crafted weapon with the Added Crit affix on it.

Milestone 4
Get all your Grand Solar Idols with Increased Warpath Area and either Chance To Shred Armor on Hit, Melee Void Damage, or Armor. Keep stacking as much Health as you can while pushing your Critical Strike Chance high enough to get Crit capped.

This is an alternative endgame setup for those who haven't gotten an Apathy's Maw with Melee Critical Strike Chance but want to push corruption and feel they lack damage in the typical setup. This setup sacrifices movement speed and defenses for damage. This tradeoff requires a higher level of skill from the player and will make farming slower under typical circ*mstances. Only consider switching to this if you are willing to make this compromise.

This setup requires several changes to skill trees. Cyclone of War in the Warpath tree is required to maximize your Critical Strike chance. Remove all points from Battlemaster's Blade, two points from Iron Reach, and if necessary 1 point from Quicksilver Wind.

We also need to pick up 3 points in Decimation from Anomaly. To achieve this, remove all points in Swiftrest and Manipulation.

For our gear, we switch to an Odachi for the extra Critical Strike Multiplier. Swap out Wings of Argentus for Chest Armor with the highest tier of Level of Warpath that you can find and still fit Health on. In order to keep our Haste we need to add a Quicksilver Coil, preferably with Critical Strike Chance on it. Finally, fit as much Critical Strike Chance as you can on the rest of your gear.

Milestone 1
Keep upgrading your gear with Exalted Items with Sealed Affixes. Get every stat in the right place and in the correct Item Base. Min/Maxing your gear in Last Epoch can be pushed to the extreme as Items with multiple Exalted Affixes are technically possible.

Milestone 2
Get as close to perfect rolls for all your Empowered Blessings and find all your desired Idols with the best in slot Prefixes and Suffixes.

Milestone 3
If you can find some LP on an Oceareon and fit it into your build it will provide a sizable damage and defensive buff. The multiplier from Shock is solid and also makes enemies easier to stun, while the Chill chance is a very strong defensive layer and something the build otherwise lacks.

Milestone 4
Continue farming Siphon of Anguish, Apathy's Maw, Darkstride and Wings of Argentus with the maximum Legendary Potential you can find. Remember that some Unique Items are extremely hard to get with multiple Legendary Potential. Good luck with the chase!

This setup goes full Low Life, which has the highest possible EHP (Effective Health Pool), but sacrifices movement speed. It requires a lot of gear to get set up, but the chase is worth it if you want to push high Corruption.

Milestone 1
Farm a Cleaver Solution, Exsanguinous, Last Steps of the Living and Gloves with Exalted Experimental Ward per Missing Health. Cleaver Solution and Exsanguinous are random world drops. Last Steps of the Living drops from Formosus the Undying in Blood, Frost, and Death. The Experimental Gloves are from Exiled Mages. Make sure to remove Siphon of Anguish and any other sources of Leech you have. This includes the World Eater passive, which should be moved to strength nodes (click the paper doll to see the updated passive tree).

Milestone 2
Farm a Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros with at least 1 LP and slam Strength into it. A perfect rolled version will net you 32 Strength plus 20% increased health. Farm this from Emperor of Corpses in the Reign of Dragons Timeline. Also Farm a pair of Frostbite Shackles from Formosus the Undying in Blood, Frost, and Death. Look for at least 1LP to slam Experimental Ward per Missing Health into. Do not wear these unless you get the Experimental affix on them.

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Completing a Timeline in the Monolith of Fate lets you choose one of several randomized Blessings from its unique pool. Their benefits are permanent and persist even outside of the Monolith of Fate.

Empowered Blessings are a fundamental part of all builds, so getting the correct ones for each is key.

The sooner you reach Empowered Monolith, the faster you can start farming your desired Blessings!

Normal Blessings

Empowered Combat Blessings

Empowered Drop Rate Blessings

Normal Blessings are not important as they are eventually replaced by Empowered Blessings. However they can still be a great source of Resistances, Critical Strike Avoidance or Life Leech for your build early on.

Pick up these Normal Blessings on your way to Empowered:

  • Depths of Infinity
  • Memory of Light
  • Whisper of Orobyss
  • Bastion of Divinity
  • Survival of Might
  • Hunger of Dragons
  • Persistance of Will
  • Protection of Heorot
  • Heart of Ice
  • Bulwark of the Tundra
  • Embers of Immortality
  • Patience of Herkir

Note: Don't target farm Normal Blessings. Get to Empowered Monolith as fast as you can.

Reaching Empowered Monolith unlocks all the level 100 Timelines and the ability to farm Empowered Blessings. Unlike Normal Blessings, these need to be farmed until you get the desired ones for your build. It is extremely important to get this set up as fast as possible to free up affix slots on your gear. Remember, the more value you get from your Blessings, the easier it is to craft efficient gear!

These are the core Combat Empowered Blessings for this build:

  • If you are lacking in resistances, start with Grand Resolve of Humanity.
  • Next go for Grand Patience of Herkir. It has an incredible amount of Armour and we get 100% uptime on it. Try to get a high roll on this.
  • Grand Bulwark of the Tundra synergizes well with Grand Patience of Herkir, really pushing our Armour to the next level.
  • Grand Depths of Infinity is the only way to get Void Shred. Since we don't have any Penetration on this build, the Shred we get here is especially valuable.
  • Grand Crash of the Waves can more than double our chance to Stun enemies. Once we get our crit capped most enemies that we hit are completely unable to attack.

These Empowered Blessings are flexible and depend on your current needs and goals.

These are valuable Empowered Drop Rate Blessings for this build:

  • Grand Pride of Rebellion helps us find the best Idols for our build. If you're targeting Darkstride or Oceareon you can swap this out for Grand Winds of Fortune. All the other Uniques in this build are target farmable and do not benefit from this Blessing.
  • The most important Affix on this entire build is All Resistances While Channelling. It only exists on Relics, making Grand Slumber of Morditas a valuable blessing when trying to upgrade the affix to Exalted.
  • Grand Favor of the Wengari can help you find some Two Handed Axes with Melee Critical Strike Chance. You need these to make a Legendary Apathy's Maw.
  • Grand Hope of the Beginning and Grand Comfort of the End provide only minor benefits. If you feel like you need more Shards pick these up. Otherwise they can be skipped.

Learn how to farm Blessings fast with our Advanced Monolith Strategies.


Idols grant your character bonuses when equipped in the dedicated Idol Container. Unlock all the slots of your Idol Container by completing the Campaign and some of its Side Quests. Remember that some Idols are Class specific and you won't be able to equip them with other non-compatible Classes.

These are the Idols recommended for this build:

  • We want at least 3 Grand Solar Idols with Increased Warpath Area to maintain consistent damage on enemies while avoiding telegraphed attacks. The Suffix can be Chance To Shred Armor on Hit, Melee Void Damage or Armor depending on your needs.
  • Stout Lagonian Idols with well rolled Health and Health will make a big difference on your health pool.
  • Any additional space can be filled with Resistances, Health, Armour and Increased Stun Chance. Consider having at least one Chance To Slow With Void Skills for Arena to account for speed scaling at high waves.

Make sure to complete the Campaign to get all your Idol Slots.
Learn how to be efficient with Idols with our Advanced Idols Setups Guide.

Build Scaling

This build is hit based and scales 100% Void damage, making stat choices easy. It also has good survivability thanks to the multiple defensive layers it can take advantage of.



  • Melee Void Damage: While taking this stat would be good for any Void based Hit build, it's doubly valuable for this one. Thanks to Darkstride, every point of Added Melee Void Damage also increases our Movement Speed.
  • Critical Strike Chance: This stat is only a priority after we get Melee Critical Strike Chance on our Apathy's Maw. With capped Crit Chance we can triple our damage.
  • Critical Multiplier: We get most of this from Void Corruption which only costs one passive point. Adding Critical Strike Multiplier to our Relic and Amulet is also a nice damage boost.
  • Melee Attack Speed: Unfortunately we don't have any room room for this on our gear, but the passives Blademaster and Time Legion make up for it. Echoes also benefit from Attack Speed so these passives really ramp up our damage.
  • Strength: Warpath gains 4% Damage per point of Strength. Additionally it grants 4% Armour per point, which adds a nice defensive layer for the build.
  • Sigils Of Hope: They grant Increased Damage and Ignite Chance with this setup; which is converted to Time Rot Chance for Warpath.
  • % Increased Damage: Anything that increases Void Damage is welcomed.
  • Chance To Shred Armour on Hit: Each stack of this Ailment reduces enemy Armour by 100 for 4 seconds and stacks infinitely. Enemies have 0 Armour by default and it can go into the negatives. At -1000 Armour a target takes 16.6% increased Void Damage, while at -4000 Armour it takes 40.1%. With the amount of hits the build has, the stacks ramp up quickly.
  • Level of Anomaly: Get this Prefix on your Helmet to get additional buffs from its Skill Tree and Increased Void Damage.
  • Grand Depths of Infinity: Since the build attacks so fast and has so many hits, it is extremely easy to apply 10 stacks of Void Resistance Shred to your targets. 10 stacks increases the Damage enemies take by 50% (20% on Bosses). This Blessing plays a big part on your Damage output, so make sure you roll it nicely (45%+).
  • Armour Clad: Grants Damage Reduction and is crucial for any Sentinel's survivability.
  • Endurance: It allows you to take up to 60% less Damage while below a certain Health threshold. Sigils Of Hope provides a substantial buff to Endurance Threshold which makes capping Endurance even more valuable.
  • Armour Mitigation: This setup can get very high Armour. Combine the Armour from your Item Implicits, Grand Patience of Herkir Blessing, and your sources of Increased Armour to get well over 6k with permanent uptime.
  • All Resistances While Channeling: By using the highest tier All Resistances While Channelling we can get on our Relic we open up additional Suffix slots on our gear to scale other defenses. This is a huge part of making the build more survivable.
  • Health: This build can stack a decent Health pool that can surpass the 4000 mark. Health is very effective when combined with all the other defensive layers.
  • Leech: World Eater provides us with all of the sustain we need for the build. Melee Damage Leeched as Health can also be used on glove for those who want even more sustain.
  • Chill: Is an Ailment that greatly reduce sthe Action and Movement Speed of your enemies. Unfortunately it's very hard to add this to the build. A Legendary Oceareon offers a lot of value if you can fit it in.
  • Frailty: This Ailment reduces the Damage dealt by enemies by 6% for 4 seconds. Stacks 3 times.
  • Ward and Ailment Cleansing on Potion Use: Cleanse all Ailments on Potion use.

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Loot Filter

Loot Filters are critical in Last Epoch. Making sure you highlight all the related valuable Item Bases, Affixes, Uniques and Idols is crucial to ensure your character's progression. As your gear gets better, remember to hide the rules that are no longer useful to avoid screen clutter.

Here is the Endgame Loot Filter for this build:

Learn how to load and make Filters with our Loot Filter Guide.

Video Guide


This Void Knight embodies the "Spin 2 Win" fantasy that so many ARPG fans love. It is one of the easiest builds to play while also being very powerful and competitive. The build is good at all content but really shines in the Monolith of Fate and Arena due to its high Movement Speed, great AoE, survivability and single target DPS.

  • Spinning = Winning.
  • One of the easiest builds to play thanks to a light rotation which also makes it disability friendly.
  • High Movement Speed that scales with Added Melee Void Damage thanks to Darkstride makes this a great endgame Mapper.
  • Echoes let you clear packs while staying mobile, making this build great for both Mapping and Arena.
  • Take advantage of Warpath's Channel and Movement tags to keep 100% uptime on Wings of Argentus, All Resistances While Channelling and Grand Patience of Herkir
  • A Legendary Apathy's Maw with Melee Critical Strike Chance takes this build to the next level.


Written by McFluffin.
Reviewed by Lizard_IRL, Facefoot.

Echo Warpath Void Knight Guide - Last Epoch (2024)
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