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How to Design a Tiny House Floor Plan? - HomeByMe (1)
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The tiny house movement is among the most popular communities today. If you’ve recently joined, discover the digital tools that homeowners are using to design their dream home, no matter the size.

Whoever said great things can’t come in tiny packages never experienced a custom-designed tiny home. As one of the most coveted communities today, tiny homes are proving that less really can become more when you plan carefully.

If you’re a proud new homeowner, chances are you’re here for tips on how to maximize your space. And we’re here to show you that despite the size, it is entirely possible to incorporate everything you need to live comfortably and create a stunning design that fits your style.

Like with any major project, having patience and the best tools are critical for success. That’s why 3D home design planners are so handy and necessary when it comes to exploring ideas and drafting your floor plans. See how you can benefit from these innovative apps to expedite your tiny house floor plans from start to finish.

Getting Started with a Tiny House floor Plan

Now that you’ve purchased your tiny home, it’s important to spend time doing a bit of prep work before initiating your design. Here are some key questions to ask and answer:

  • What is the exact size of the property?
  • How many people will be living in it?
  • Will it be mobile or stationary?
  • What are the weight requirements, if any?
  • Are there zoning laws for this in your municipality?

Design Your Tiny Home Floor Plans for Your Lifestyle

There are countless possibilities for designing your tiny home which can be exciting but also overwhelming if you don’t know where to start or what you want.

But the reality is, there’s usually an underlying reason that pushes people to join this ‘movement’ which can help guide you with your design. Whether it’s having the mobility to travel, being kinder to the environment, or enjoying a more affordable life, the key to beginning your journey is to understand, embrace, and design your tiny home floor plans based on your individual goals.

You can brainstorm multiple ideas and designs directly with a 3D home planner. So why not take advantage?

How to Layout a Tiny House Open Floor Plan with 3D Design

There are a number of innovative home design apps available that you can use to make this process easier and more manageable. When you’re ready to begin constructing your tiny house floor plan, follow these simple steps.

How to Design a Tiny House Floor Plan? - HomeByMe (2)

Make Your Tiny House Plans Easily


1 Create a 2D Blueprint of Your Tiny House

To begin designing your tiny home, you’ll need the measurements to insert into the planner.

Make sure to measure carefully to produce an exact blueprint. With these in hand, you can use the home planner tools to erect the walls of your home.

Don’t forget to mark off the windows and doorways. If other features exist that should be marked off, include these in your 2D drawing.

2 Design Your Tiny Home

Once you convert your 2D blueprint into a 3D layout, you can begin bringing your ideas to life and create a design that will be practical for your lifestyle.

Tiny homes can vary a lot, and depending on your structure, you may have to get extra creative with your layout.

Thankfully, whether you have an actual house or something more eccentric like a mobile home, you’ll have an extensive catalog of features and materials to experiment with and add to your digital home.

This will help you answer many questions, like what will fit in your home and what you like or don’t like.

From flooring materials to paint colors to appliances and furniture; it’s all there for you to construct a realistic and customized mockup of your ideal home.


3 Finalize Your Design and Take a Tour of It

When it comes to designing your home, you want to make sure that it’s done right since you’ll be living in it for the foreseeable future.

Knowing what your layout will look and feel like is the best way to gain confidence and clarity when taking on any home design projects.

With digital home planners, you can take a 4K tour of your tiny home with 360 ° capabilities. So there’s no need for second-guessing.

You also have the option to save and print high-res images of your design if desired.

Tiny House Layout Examples

Whether you’re a solo minimalist, or a couple looking to lower your monthly expenses and carbon footprint, we have some tiny house layout examples to offer inspiration for your design.

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom with a Narrow Design

If you love the outdoors, consider a layout that includes a large deck located at the entrance of the home with sliding doors that will maximize the view and natural light. As you enter, it leads into an open living room and L-shaped kitchen on opposite corners.

The bathroom is located towards the left, adjacent to the living room wall and is accessible only though the master bedroom which is in front portion. A second bathroom is placed on the opposite side of the home, adjacent to the kitchen wall, with a second bedroom in front.

Essentially, this design creates a narrow but comfortable layout for the main areas with both bedrooms on opposite ends that extend outward.

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom with L-Style Kitchen

For one person or a couple that enjoys a minimal design, this is a simple but ideal setup. Get the most out of your open space by combining the kitchen and living room on the right side of the house, with enough space to accommodate a bistro style dining table.

Place bar stools along the L-shape counter for additional seating if your space permits. The bathroom and bedroom can be located on the left side of the home.

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom with Galley Kitchen

In some structures, a galley style kitchen is most feasible. In this case, consider sliding glass doors that lead directly into the kitchen and living area from a side deck.

The galley kitchen is placed against the left wall, lounging and entertainment areas are located along the right corner wall. Walking past the kitchen and living room leads into the bedroom with the bathroom adjacent to the furthest bedroom wall. Simple, practical, and comfortable.

How to Maximize Your One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny houses are often limited to a single floor which is all the more reason to use digital tools to figure out how to utilize your space. One of the best ways to maximize one story tiny house floor plans is by converting them into loft-like designs.

This is a common strategy used by homeowners with smaller dwellings because it uses vertical space, making the home appear larger, and it elevates the comfort level too. So, consider how this could work in your home.

Tiny house movements are on the rise for many reasons. No matter what yours may be, there are endless ways to cultivate a home design that suits your lifestyle. Explore your ideas using HomeByMe’s 3D home floor planner.

You can draft meticulous floor plans down to the finest details all in a realistic, virtual format, and even tour it before finalizing your project. Best of all, it’s free and available online, so you can get started today!

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How to Design a Tiny House Floor Plan? - HomeByMe (2024)
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