It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (2024)

Here at Country Living, we’re big fans of timeless style. But, every once in a while, we like to take stock of what’s trending and see how we can integrate it into our classic country sensibilities. This year, we’re tackling the top six kitchen trends according to interior designers. From California to Boston, these six designers have tapped into some of the things we’re most excited about in country kitchen design for the year. If you're looking to totally update your kitchen (we love a good before and after) or hoping to find small ways to freshen it up for the new year, we have ideas for you that are guaranteed to make your kitchen the talk of the town.

Meet the Experts

  1. Max Humphrey: Max is a longtime Country Living contributor, interior designer, and author (his most recent book, Lodge, explores the design of America's National Park lodges and buildings). You can follow Max on Instagram here.
  2. Katie Rosenfeld: Katie is founder, principal designer, and creative director of Boston-based Katie Rosenfeld & Co and Vanity & Co.. You can follow Katie on Instagram here.
  3. Ashley Macuga: Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ashley Macuga is the founder and principal designer of Collected Interiors. You can follow Ashley on Instagram here.
  4. Shelby Van Daley: Shelby is the principal designer and co-founder of the Austin, Texas-based Daley Home. You can follow Daley Home on Instagram here.
  5. Sarah Lederman: Sarah is the founder and principal designer of her New York-based eponymous firm. You can follow her on Instagram here.


Winning Wood Tones

It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (1)

Okay, hear us out: You might be tempted to cover your wood cabinets in a fresh coat of white paint or try a pretty shade of green you’ve seen lately. It’s understandable! For years and years, everyone has been saying that brown wood cabinets feel too boring or dated. This year, though, our inboxes have been flooded with trend report after trend report saying that stained wood cabinets might be making a comeback, and you know what? We’re inclined to agree! Take this stylish set-up in Bambi Costanzo’s West Virginia cottage, for example. We love how the wood adds some much needed warmth to the all-white kitchen. Designers are seeing it too, as clients are trying to work with their existing cabinets or outright asking for wood. “We can’t wait to use a darker wood stain or walnut finish on cabinetry, beams, and other accents around the kitchen,” says Texas-based designer Shelby Van Daley.

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Prettied-Up Pantries

It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (2)

If keeping your home *actually* organized is one of your biggest 2024 resolutions, then perk-up your ears because a well-organized (and pretty) pantry is not only nice to have, but it’s also totally on trend. San Francisco Bay Area-based designer Ashley Macuga is seeing more and more of her clients request a decked-out pantry. “They want all of the custom cabinetry details, and for designers to work in tandem with professional organizers to create artfully planned and styled spaces that maximize function while still ensuring a seamless integration with the overall kitchen aesthetic,” she says. Who’s ready for a Container Store run?

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Decorative Venting

It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (3)

While decorative cabinet venting (also known as punch-outs) has been popular in English kitchens for ages, but has yet to make a big splash stateside. “I started working with punch-outs years ago because they add charm, whimsy and personality to what would otherwise be a plain wood panel,” says designer Katie Rosenfeld. She loves the bespoke feel it brings to the kitchen, but warns that scale should always be considered before drilling so that your holes have the maximum decorative impact without detracting from the overall design of the kitchen.

Get the Look:

Cabinetry Paint Color: Silver Lining by Benjamin Moore

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All Drawers, No Doors

It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (4)

Yep, you read that right. Designer Max Humphrey is declaring 2024 the year we say goodbye to our cabinet doors—and for a pretty convincing reason! “Kitchen drawers are so much more useful than a traditional cabinet with a door,” says Max. “You can easily divide a drawer so you aren’t digging around to the back of the cabinet for stuff.” If you’re worried about things sliding around too much, he recommends lining your drawers with cork to keep things steady. Plus, it protects the wood from any unintended damage.


Café Core

It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (5)

Pinterest also predicted that dedicated coffee spots are on the rise. With search terms like “coffee bar styling” experiencing a meteoric 1,125% rise in search volume, Pinterest says that “this year, at-home coffee stations will become the new way to espresso yourself.” We’re just hoping that the dedicated coffee set-up also heralds the return of the beloved appliance garage!

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Collected Kitschen

It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (6)

Fans of minimalism, look away! Pinterest declared 2024 is the Year of the “Kitschen.” Their data shows that searches for eclectic kitchens and eccentric kitchens are both up, with the latter spiking 160% more this year than last. While layering antiques into the home is nothing new, bringing them into the kitchen, as Country Living Design Director Maribeth Jones did here in her cozy English-inspired kitchen, feels fresh. “I love to blend vintage with newly made pieces throughout all of my projects, but especially in a kitchen where it can feel less expected,” says designer Sarah Lederman.

Get the Look:
Cabinetry Paint Color: Sudbury Yellow by Farrow & Ball
White Appliances: Matte White by Cafe

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It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (7)

Anna Logan

Senior Homes & Style Editor

Anna Logan is the Senior Homes & Style Editor at Country Living, where she covers design and decorating trends, home features, and gift guides. She also produces home features and styles content for the print magazine. When she isn’t working, can often be found digging around antique shops for the perfect find. Follow her adventures on Instagram!

It's Official: These Are the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024 (2024)
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