Top 12 Websites to Find Free Fonts for Designers [2023] (2024)

Growing your font collection on a budget? Want to spice up your designs but not sure where to find free fonts? Whether you’re looking for a unique script, display, serif, orsans-serif, we’ve got you covered with some great free resources.

We know it's important to support type designers by purchasing licenses, but we also know that sometimes you just want to try out a font before committing—or maybe you just want to play around with new fonts for personal projects. Whatever the case may be, we're sharing a handful of awesome free font websites for you to check out below. Just remember to double-check the license to make sure you can use it for your intended purpose!

Let's dive in and discover some fantastic free fonts together.

1.Open Foundry

Open Foundry holds a rich, curated collection of open-source fonts you can download and use freely for personal or commercial use. Have fun exploring their collection of typefaces and toggling with their different display options. You can experiment with kerning, sizing, backgrounds, and more straight from Open Foundry’s interface!

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2.The Velvetyne Type Foundry (VTF)

The Velvetyne Type Foundry is a website that distributes hundreds of free and open-source typefaces. That means that you can use, modify, and redistribute all of their fonts freely (both for personal and commercial use). Plus, if you’re interested in creating your own font, VTF accepts submissions. If accepted, they’ll feature and distribute your custom font on their website!

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3.The League of Moveable Type

As The League of Moveable Type declares on their homepage, their manifesto is all about raising the design standards of the web and empowering everyone with top-notch typography. They proudly offer a handful of high-quality open-sourced typefaces on their website which you can download and use for both personal and commercial use. Plus, sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on the latest in typography trends and get free resources to help you improve your design skills.

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4. Collletttivo

Collletttivo is a site that designs and distributes free Open-Source typefaces. They have an expanding group of designers who work on type-based projects and occasionally release Open Source typefaces through the platform. The goal of the collective is to create a network of designers that challenge themselves to improve through practice and mutual exchange in the very competitive fields of graphic design and type design.

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5.Lost Type Co-Op

Lost Type is the very first “Pay-What-You-Want” type foundry founded back in 2011. The website boasts a collection of over 50 different typefaces from designers all over the world. The best part about using Lost Type fonts is that 100% of the funds from sales go directly to the respective designers, which means that every purchase supports independent creatives. Lost Type fonts have been used by major brands such as Nike, Starbucks, Disney, and even the President of the United States.

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6.MyFonts—Free Fonts

Did you know you can filter through free typefaces on the world’s largest collection of fonts? That’s right— offers a variety of free fonts and you can access them all by clickinghere.

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7.Free Design Resources: Fonts

Free Design Resources is a platform that offers tons of different designs assets free for download. Lucky for us, they constantly update their fonts section. The best part is, you can filter typefaces by license: Free for commercial use, personal use, or both!

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8.Font Squirrel

The self-proclaimed “free font utopia” Font Squirrel is a great resource if you’re specifically looking for fonts that are free for commercial use. They’ve done the heavy work for you by researching licenses and carefully hand-picking every font displayed on their site.

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9.Awwwards Free Font Collection

Awwwards generously put together a collection of free fonts from designers all around the web. Although not all are free for commercial use, with the vast array of styles available, you should be able to find just what you’re looking for.

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10. Adobe Fonts

Great news for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers: You have access to a massive library of high-quality fonts through Adobe Fonts. Formerly known as Typekit, Adobe Fonts offers a vast selection of over 18,000 fonts from some of the world's best type foundries. With Adobe Fonts, you can easily browse, preview, and use fonts in your designs without having to worry about licensing fees or restrictions. And the best part? Adobe Fonts seamlessly integrates with your Creative Cloud apps, making it incredibly easy to access and use your favorite fonts in your design projects.

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11.Google Fonts

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the leading distributor of free, open-source fonts, Google Fonts. With nearly 1000 fonts available in more than 135 languages, Google Fonts remains a go-to resource for designers, type lovers, and just about anyone who wants to download typefaces for both personal and commercial use.

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12. Creative Market Weekly Free Downloads

Did you know that every week, Creative Market releases 4 free design goods for anyone to download? Most weeks, the free goods include a trending font or typeface. You can check their free downloads page every week or subscribe to their newsletter to get emailed your free goods including fonts!

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Enjoy these free font websites!

Whether you’re a graphic designer, web designer, or typography aficionado, we hope you found these free font resources useful. These websites offer a variety of unique and eye-catching typefaces that can take your design projects to the next level, but just remember to always check the license before using any free font for commercial purposes! Enjoy downloading new free fonts and adding them to your growing collection. We can't wait to see the amazing designs you create with them.

Top 12 Websites to Find Free Fonts for Designers [2023] (2024)
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