Who Is Meg Oliver of CBS? Her Net Worth, Salary and Career (2024)

Meg Oliver is an award-winning American journalist. In a career spanning over two decades, she has served as a correspondent for major networks such as CBS and ABC. In the course of her work, Oliver has covered breaking news stories such as the London van attack and the shooting of two Virginia journalists live on air. Get to know more about Oliver here including her age, salary and net worth, as well as other facts of her personal life.

Who Is Meg Oliver of CBS?

Megan Elisabeth Oliver was born on the 15th of October 1970 in Birmingham, Michigan. The media personality has not disclosed much details about her family background, parents’ name or any potential siblings she may have. However, there is no doubt that her family would be proud of her given all the accomplishments she has recorded.

When it comes to her educational qualifications, Meg Oliver attended Marian High School in Birmingham where she obtained her high school diploma. She subsequently attended the University of Montana where she studied journalism; graduating in the year 1993. Oliver has disclosed that she choose to attend the journalism school at UM because of their hands-on training as well as the fact that they have the best professors in the business.

Career Beginning and Rise to Fame

Meg Oliver commenced her professional career as a student intern at Good Morning America. This particular gig lasted for four months and upon graduation, she joined KECI-TV (an NBC affiliate in Missoula Montana) as a reporter. She spent five months there before moving to Kalispell, Montana where she joined KCFW-TV in March 1994. While there, Oliver served as a reporter and an anchor before leaving in October 1995. The Montana native then joined Northwest Cable News that same month. She spent two years with them during which she worked at their stations in Seattle, Boise, and Washington.

Between July 1998 and December 2001, Meg Oliver worked at two Detroit TV stations namely WWJ and WKBD-TV. She enjoyed a successful spell at both stations and received two Emmy nominations for Best Reporter. She also won the SPJ award for sports broadcasting as well as an award for airport security report. In December 2001, Megan Oliver moved to Fresno (California) where she joined KPGE-TV as their main anchor. She spent three years at the station during which she won an AP award. Her excellent work also fetched her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding News Anchor in Northern California.

Husband and Family Life

Meg Oliver is not just winning in her professional life but also in her personal life. The media personality is married to her long-time boyfriend who is simply identified as John. John is a corporate lawyer and the couple got married around 2002. Even though there are no specific details about how they met or their nuptials, there is no doubt that the couple is very much in love.

Oliver and her husband have three kids together; two sons and one daughter. Their names are not yet public knowledge, however, it is not hard to see that the kids are well loved. Even though Oliver is not one to disclose specific details about her family, she does not shy away from chronicling family time on her social media handles. She often shares pictures of family vacations and picnics, as well as date nights on her Instagram account.

Meg Oliver’s Salary and Net Worth

After a decade of local TV markets, Meg Oliver joined the big leagues in 2006 when she was hired by CBS News. She spent an initial three years with the network, March 2006 to March 2009, during which she anchored a show known as Up To The Minute. The Montana native thereafter left for ABC news in 2009. At ABC, she served as a correspondent for various shows and spent a total of five years at the network. Oliver returned to CBS News in February 2015. Since then, she has worked as a correspondent for CBS This Morning and The CBS Evening News. She has also anchored programs on CBSN – a 24-hour online news channel operated by CBS.

With regards to her salary, Meg Oliver has not disclosed specific information about her regular remuneration. However, one can make an intelligent guess from industry sources. An ABC news correspondent earns a salary between $93,429 to $131,014 while a CBS news correspondent makes between $93, 594 to $119, 296. Having worked at both stations, Oliver’s salary will definitely fall between these ranges. When it comes to her overall net worth, it is still under review and not yet available.


Who Is Meg Oliver of CBS? Her Net Worth, Salary and Career (2024)
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