Do I need thes books, or just want them? (2024)

6 hours ago, Frank Burroughs said:

I believe that The Art of Shipmodelinghas reached that pinnacle of universal reference work that it is simply referred to by its author's last name: "Frolich." I see where, inexplicably, Amazon has it for sale new for $70.00. That's a steal at less than half the price most of us paid over the last 22 years since it was first published. I'd grab a copy in a hot minute if I were you. There's a wealth of information in it.

But beware! Do not confuseThe Art of Shipmodelingby Bernard FrolichwithThe Art of Ship Modelingby Richard Mansir,which is an entirely different book. It's "Frolich" that you want to make sure you are buying.

If it's classic books on modeling technique and "tricks of the trade," I'd strongly recommend:

The Techniques of Ship Modeling, by the late Gerald Wingrove:The Techniques of Ship Modelling by Wingrove, Gerald A. Hardback Book The Fast 9780852423660 | eBayThere are always a few used copies on eBay (both hardcover and quality paperback) so shop for the lowest price, usually less than ten bucks used.

Ship Modeler's Shop Notes, Volumes 1 and 2 from the NRG. There are always used copies of these on eBay and Amazon. New copies are available from the NRG store through this forum. As for Volume 1, I'd advise you get a newer printing with the spiral binding which permits the books to be laid flat on a workbench or tabletop when working from them. The original binding was a glued spine paperback and the glue dried out and the pages come loose. My copy of Volume 1 is held together with a bulldog clip. I should bring it to Staples or one of those places and have them spiral bind it for me.

William Frederick's (1874) Scale Journey: A Scratchbuilder's Evolutionary Development,by Antonio Mendez C. This book was "remaindered" on eBay a couple of years ago for seven bucks a copy and I grabbed one. It's focus is radio controlled sailing scale models, but its content is a survey of technique, and it is full of subjects not found elsewhere, especially regarding tools and shop practices. It would take you years of following build logs on MSW to pick up but a fraction of the how-to-do-its in this book. Unfortunately, it appears to have become something of a collectable at this point and Amazon is now selling them for $47.00. If you watch out for a copy on eBay, you may get lucky and snag one for closer to the price when they were selling off the remainders new.William Frederick's (1874) Scale Journey: A Scratchbuilder's Evolutionary Development: mendez, antonio: 9780975577202: Books I checked eBay just now and see where they have three between $50.00 and $169.00! (Let this be a lesson to modeling library builders everywhere!)

Plank-On-Frame Models and Scale Masting and Rigging, Vol. 1: Scale Hull ConstructionandPlank-On-Frame Models and Scale Masting and Rigging, Vol. 2: Scale Hull Construction by Harold A. Underhill. This two-volume set is a classic and there are lots of used copies on eBay for surprisingly reasonable prices. (Still in print, new copies run around $90 per volume!)plank on frame models underhill for sale | eBay

Masting and Rigging: The Clipper Ship and Ocean Carrierby Harold Underhill. This is what I'd call the Bible of the last days of commercial sail. If you are interested in clippers and windjammers, as well as general rigging practice at the highest level of its evolution, this book is it. Used copies are available very reasonably priced on eBay.Masting and Rigging: The Clipper Ship and Ocean Carrier for sale | eBay

These titles are recommended for their treatment of general modeling practices and techniques more than for specific research data on specific types and periods. When your interest becomes focused on a particular type of vessel in a particular period, there are specific reference works that become "must haves," but they tend to be expensive (some running more than a hundred dollars and up) and sometimes very difficult to find. If you continue to pursue your interest in ship modeling, you will find yourself acquiring a library of some value and doing that easily becomes a related hobby in and of itself.

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Do I need thes books, or just want them? (2024)


Why are books important in Fahrenheit 451? ›

Bradbury's main message in Fahrenheit 451, is that reading and knowledge is essential to society because it ensures that people maintain their basic sense of values, and prevents governmental systems from tricking their citizens into following harmful practices.

Should I finish a book even if I don't like it? ›

My best tip if you want to read more books? QUIT the book you don't like. I know that for many readers, leaving a book unfinished feels like heresy. It's easy to have a sense that “real” readers complete any book they start, whether they like it or not.

Is it OK to not like a book? ›

Fortunately, here's nothing wrong with disliking a book—even if it's a book that people consider “good literature.” I've met lots of people who think they aren't good at reading classic books because they disliked the ones they've read. But here's the thing: disliking a book just means you have an opinion about it.

Do you think books are necessary for us? ›

Reading books can help to improve cognitive function, including memory, concentration, and critical thinking skills. Reading books can also help to expand your vocabulary. Moreover, reading books can help to enhance empathy.

What happens if you have books in Fahrenheit 451? ›

In 1953, Ray Bradbury published his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. The novel is dystopian because it paints a picture of a terrible future world where free thought is discouraged and people lack the ability to connect to one another. In this world, books are illegal and any that remain are burned by firemen.

Why was Fahrenheit 451 banned? ›

Ironic as it may seem given the role that book burning plays in the novel itself, Fahrenheit 451 has faced multiple censorship and banning attempts throughout the years, primarily for vulgarity and discussions about drugs.

Is it normal to cry over a book? ›

It is human nature, and how that emotion is invoked however is dependent from person to person. Whether you watch sad movies or read sad books to cry or as a coping mechanism, it is not something you should be embarrassed about and is a really healthy coping mechanism!

Why do I feel weird when I finish a book? ›

“We get very sad when a book ends,” says Solomon. “It is as though we are losing our world and the characters in it.” Making the loss even more painful is the fact that the fictional world and its made-up characters are often better than our ho-hum reality.

Is it OK to not finish a book? ›

But if the book you're slogging through continually loses the battle to the AppleTV remote or Mass Effect, accept that it might be time to put it down for good. That's not to say you shouldn't challenge yourself. In fact, I'm saying the opposite: Save your endurance for the books you find difficult but rewarding.

Why do I like collecting books but not reading them? ›

“Why Buying Books and Not Reading Them Is More Common Than You Think. Buying books and not reading them is something many people experience. It's often known as “tsundoku”(pronounced as tsoon-doh-koo) — a Japanese term for acquiring reading materials and letting them pile up without reading them.

What to do if you don't like a book? ›

What Happens If I Don't Like a Book?
  1. Try 1 More Chapter. I'm usually a fan of trying to get through a rough patch in a book by pushing on. ...
  2. Try Again Tomorrow. Let's face it… even avid readers aren't always in the mood to read. ...
  3. Stop Reading Immediately. ...
  4. Give It to a Friend. ...
  5. Finish It Anyway. ...
  6. Write About It.
Nov 13, 2021

Are books still important nowadays? ›

In conclusion, despite the rise of technology and the digital world, reading books remains an important and valuable activity. It enhances critical thinking skills, provides a means of escape from digital stimuli, increases empathy and understanding, and is a form of self-care.

What would life be like without books? ›

If books did not exist, we might never read inspiring tales of heroes and heroines, would never imagine ourselves in their places and get similarly motivated. A world of banned books would be an incredibly sad one, as we would be deprived of our history.

Do books make us better people? ›

Research suggests that fictional books may effectively be empathy-building tools, offering us the closest we can get to first-hand knowledge of someone else's experience.

What do books symbolize in 451? ›

The main role of the Firemen is to destroy all books and the properties that contain them. What is so threatening about a book, and why must all traces of them be destroyed? The books represent ideas and knowledge—and knowledge is power. The Firemen are in charge of making sure no one gains knowledge over another.

What does Fahrenheit 451 teach us about books? ›

In this setting, books are considered evil because they make people question and think. All intellectual curiosity and hunger for knowledge must be quelled for the good of the state — for conformity. Without ideas, everyone conforms, and as a result, everyone should be happy.

What does Fahrenheit 451 tell us about books? ›

In Fahrenheit 451, the protagonist faces a society in which books are censored and, thus, burned. This, according to his definition, means that if books become banned, certain connections between people will, too, be destroyed.

What is the power of books in Fahrenheit 451? ›

The Power Of Books In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

Books have the power to to influence and change one's life forever; it gives them hope and courageousness in any situation. In Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, a man named Montag wants to find the truth.

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