Levi’s jeans sales are surging following Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” (2024)

Western wear is having a moment, and it’s not just because rodeo season is right around the corner. It appears that whatever “Queen Bey” touches turns to gold or better — to light-wash denim.

“Act II: Cowboy Carter,” has not only broken ground in country music history and sparked major cultural dialogue, but Beyoncé’s newest album is also taking the fashion economy by storm.

Retailers are seeing surging sales in Western wear and denim, with Levi’s among the lucky stores riding in on a new wave of revenue.

The denim brand received a major nod from Beyoncé’s collaboration with Post Malone, a steamy duet titled “Levii’s Jeans,” in which the singer cranked out lines like “Boy, I’ll let you be my Levi’s jeans so you can hug that a** all day long” and “denim on denim on denim on denim.”

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Back in January, Levi’s announced major cost cuts following three years of less-than-stellar sales. But by the beginning of April, shares were up as much as 18%, according to reports by Bloomberg.

The denim business is booming, and much is due to strategic moves made by the company to capture consumers’ surging interest in denim jeans, jackets, skirts, and more ‘cowboy couture.’

Levi’s is riding a wave of denim sales following Beyonce’s newest album “Act II: Cowboy Carter

The denim stampede started on Instagram.

Four days before the country album in her genre-jumping trilogy came out, Beyoncé teased her fans with a slide of moving shots, prancing around in a classic Canadian tuxedo — matching denim jeans and a denim jacket, accessorized with none else but a denim bag and an American flag scarf.

Just after the “Levii’s Jeans” track dropped, Levi’s jumped on Instagram to change its name to match the song, “Levii’s,” with the subhead “FKA (formerly known as) Levi’s” next to a bumble bee emoji, a gracious ode to the star’s longtime nickname.

On March 29, Levi’s also posted a carasoul of close-up jean shots with the caption, “Oh to be Levi’s Jeans Right Now.” Fans flooded the comments section with cowboy hat heart emojis, lyrics from the hits song, and requests for denim sales if the singer announced a tour.

The Cowboy Carter effect is working. Data from Pass_by indicated that visits to Levi’s stores jumped 20% during the week of Easter Sunday compared to the average for Easter week over the past three years, as reported by CNN.

During an earnings call with analysts this month, Levi’s new CEO, Michelle Gass, shed some light on the power Beyoncé’s new album has had in influencing global fashion and shopping trends.

“Denim is having a moment and the Levi’s brand is having a powerful moment around the world,” Gass said. “I don’t think there’s any better evidence or proof point than having someone like Beyoncé, who is a culture shaper, to actually name a song after us.”

Stylists are predicting a wider interpretation of denim trends and Western wear this summer

Celebrity stylist Samantha Brown told the New York Post that she has noticed that Beyoncé’s music has expedited the process of making Western wear mainstream, and this interest is coming just in time for concert season.

“Beyoncé’s looks have been iconic for many years and she has massive influence in both the music and fashion industries,” said Brown. “The timing of this album release was perfect for Spring and Summer fashion when Coachella and other festivals are happening,”

When it comes to trends, Brown has predicted that there will be “a wide variety of denim to choose from.” Fans will be heading for patchwork, barrel leg, and low-rise cuts. She also suspects to see plenty of cowboy hats and boots, as well as lace-up detail on denim, patchwork, bolo ties, and Western jewelry.

To avoid looking “costumey,” Brown advised integrating one item at a time, versus going full-on. “A nod to the trend always looks more interesting than diving in all the way!” she said.

Post Wanted has drawn from trends and Western style recommendations to put together a roundup of the best denim deals from Levi’s to celebrate the trailblazing Cowboy Carter album and get geared up for all the summer showdowns.

Levi’s Low Loose Women’s Jeans

Levi’s jeans sales are surging following Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” (1)

Since low-rise could be on the high-rise, these wide, straight, super-flatteringlows are the way to go. The relaxed fit is inspired by the early aughts style. Plus, these jeans are available in seven shades so you can get a pair for every day of the week.

BUY NOW $108.00

725 High Rise Bootcut Jeans

Levi’s jeans sales are surging following Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” (2)

It’s about time to start kicking up dust with a pair of banging bootcut jeans. These offer a slim leg-lengthening build, subtle bootcut, and super-soft stretch that is just right for doing the two-step.

BUY NOW $59.50

Levi’s Tailored 90s Trucker Jacket

Levi’s jeans sales are surging following Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” (3)

Trucker jackets age like fine wine — the denim gets better and better over time. This tailored fit is a major throwback, and the lightweight construction and easy shape make it a must-have for year-round play.

BUY NOW $98.00

Levi’s Raine Denim Crop Top

Levi’s jeans sales are surging following Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” (4)

A denim crop top is just what the jeans-obsessed people ordered. Complete your all-denim look with a slim-fitting cut-off top. It hugs the body for a form-flatting fit.

BUY NOW $69.50

Levi’s Carinna Blouse

Levi’s jeans sales are surging following Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” (5)

The Carinna Blouse is the perfect fusion of feminine and Western. It’s got all the right details: a classic button-up front, ruffle detailing, blouson sleeves, and a relaxed fit.

BUY NOW $69.50

Levi’s 501 Mid-Thigh Women’s Shorts

Levi’s jeans sales are surging following Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” (6)

The first-ever jean shorts, modeled after the 501 Original jeans, are here to stay. The high-rises have an iconic vintage-inspired flare. In the words of Levi’s, “To this day they’ve never gone out of style. And they never will.”

BUY NOW $69.50

Hunting for a headline-worthy haul?Keep shopping with Post Wanted.

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Levi’s jeans sales are surging following Beyoncé’s “Act II: Cowboy Carter” (2024)
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