Tips for Getting Hired at Walmart (2024)

Are you interested in working for Walmart? Would you like to start or grow your career with Walmart? The giant discount retail department store has locations across the United States and around the world,and is one of the largest private employers in the U.S.

There are 1.6 million U.S. employees and 2.3 million worldwide. Walmart also owns Sam’s Club, a chain of American membership-only warehouse clubs. The chain hires both full and part-time employees for store, distribution, technology, healthcare, and corporate jobs.

Applicants can apply online for most positions. Here is information on how to find and apply for open positions at Walmart, what to expect during a job interview at the store, and tips for getting hired.

Walmart Career Information

Walmart's career site has details on how to get hired for a Walmart job, including job openings, the Walmart employment application, company locations, and how to apply online. Walmart offers leadership opportunities for students seeking to gain experience, and two to six-week Walmart Academy training programs around the country.

There are many opportunities for promotion, with more than 75% of Walmart management starting their careers as hourly associates in a store.

Employment Opportunities

Walmart offers a variety of careers for job seekers. Within the stores and Sam’s Clubs, Walmart offers both hourly retail jobs and management jobs. There are also jobs in healthcare, including careers in pharmacy, optometry, and Walmart’s Care Clinic.

There are a variety of corporate jobs ranging from accounting to engineering to real estate. There are also jobs as drivers and in Walmart’s Distribution Center.

Job Search: Salaried Jobs

There are several ways to search for Walmart jobs. You can search for a variety of positions from the main Careers page. Search for these jobs by job title and location. You can also search by specific industry, and by job category and career area: Corporate, Distribution Centers and Drivers, Healthcare, Technology, and Stores and Clubs.

Job Search: Hourly Retail Jobs

There is also a search page that lists all Walmart store and Sam’s Club hourly jobs. To search for these jobs, you need to register through the Online Hiring Center. You can apply online for employment through this site. Walmart estimates that filling out an application will take between thirty minutes and an hour.

Student Leadership Programs

Walmart runs a number of leadership programs for students to gain experience in corporate leadership. Programs include business, eCommerce, andSTEM.

A Commitment to Jobs for Veterans

Walmart encourages veterans to apply to positionsand strives to help vets transition back to civilian life. Walmart's Veterans Welcome Home Commitment guarantees a position to every veteran honorably discharged after Memorial Day 2013, and welcomes applications from veterans who were discharged prior to then.

Walmart Employee Benefits

Walmart employees receive a range of employee benefits that include an incentive/bonus plan, health insurance, profit sharing, 401(k), education, store discounts, education assistance, and other Walmart employment benefits. All Walmart associates (full and part-time) can become eligible for insurance benefits.

Walmart Job Application / Pre-Employment Assessment Test

Depending on the type of job you are applying for, you may be required to complete a Walmart job application and take a pre-employment assessment test to determine your suitability for employment at Walmart.

Walmart Interview Questions

Do you have an interview scheduled? Review common retail interview questions to prepare. Before you head to your interview, review these tips for preparing from Walmart recruiters.

What to Wear to a Walmart Job Interview

During your interview, make sure you wear neat and professional clothing in compliance with the Walmart dress code. If you are applying for an entry-level position, business casual clothing, like khakis and a polo shirt, will do. If you are applying for a management or executive position, you should dress more formally. Here's information on what to wear to a Walmart interview.

Tips for Getting Hired

  • When you work retail, flexibility is important. You should express a willingness to work flexible hours, and highlight your availability to work weekends, evenings, and early or late hours. This is particularly important if you are working in a retail store position that might require you to work a variety of shifts.
  • Whether you are an entry-level employee or manager, you're going to have to take directions from someone. Emphasize your ability to follow instructions and that you understand the importance of complying withcompany standards.
  • Working at a large store like Walmart requires meticulous attention to detail, suchaswithinventory, scheduling, time sheets, store cleanliness, and customer satisfaction. Make sure thatyou express your patience and diligence in getting things done well, and efficiently.
  • Working in any large retail environment requires some knowledge about how you can control or cut costs. If you're applying for a mid-level or high-level position, that means you need to know about cost-control strategies. If you're applying for an entry-level position, you should explain how you can keep costs to a minimum, whether that means working efficiently, maximizing the use of your time, or keeping an eye out for shoplifters.
  • A mid-level or high-level role will require thatyou develop and monitor strategies to increase sales. But even as an entry-level employee, you should emphasize an awareness of what you can do to drive sales, even if it just means greeting customers or answering their questions.
  • You will need to show your interviewer that you have an ability to calm disgruntled customers, especially if you are applying for a management position. Emphasize your customer service skills, interpersonal skills, warm personality, and ability to stay calm and rational under pressure.
  • If you're applying for a management position, you'll need to prove that you have thecapacity to motivate hourly workers who may be working long, difficult shifts. If you have any examples from a past position, you should definitely talk about how you successfully encouraged and engaged the employees whom you managed.
  • A management position will likely require you to mediateemployee conflicts. Be prepared to speak about your experience in handling conflicts between other employees.
  • A management role involves ensuring that other employees are in compliance with laws and company policies. You should convey that you understand relevant laws and that you’re familiar with company policies.
  • Depending on your role, you may need to manage relationships with vendors. Therefore, in addition to being able to succeed in customer interactions, you should also be able to build fruitful partnerships with suppliers.
  • Higher level positions require thatyou mentor and develop management talent. If you are applying for a role like this, make sure thatyou convey an understanding of what it takes to manage your team members.
Tips for Getting Hired at Walmart (2024)
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